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King's Jewelers

columbia's home for diamonds since 1946 !


R. Chisholm

I looked all over town for a special kind of gold necklace and I could not find one. I heard about King's Jewelers and went in to see what they had. J.P. showed me a couple of catalogs and I found the one I wanted. He gladly ordered it for me and if my husband would not like it he said he could easily send it back.  

D. Johnson

I had a break in at my house and my jewelry was stolen. I did not know where to begin with an insurance company. I called Ian at King's and he said to not worry about anything. He ended up finding a replacement for me at a special price and he did the claim with my insurance company himself. Is that great service or what! 

J. Madison

I have my own gold nugget bracelet and had it fixed by big box store. It was stiff when they gave it back to me. I told them it was stiff and they told me how it was supposed to be. I was downtown at the bowling alley and I stopped in King's to ask them about my bracelet. They said it's not supposed to be stiff and I left it to be fixed. They did it at a very fair price and they even cleaned it at no charge! It was outstanding service and I highly recommend them for any jewelry repair.